The Best Alternatives to Mailbrew

Mailbrew Alternatives for creating personalized Digests

Mailbrew, once a popular service for curating your own email digests, appears to have been sold. Their changelog shows no updates since October 2023.

In our fast-paced digital world, staying informed and organized is crucial. With our list of Mailbrew alternatives, you can streamline your email inbox, reduce FOMO, receive personalized digests, and harness the power of curated content. In this overview we will explore the top alternatives to Mailbrew, highlight their unique features, pricing, and user reviews. Whether you are a researcher, marketer, business owner, journalist, or simply someone seeking a mindful productivity solution, we have got you covered.

With that said, here are the Mailbrew alternatives we recommend you take a look at:

1) Digest: The Best Mailbrew Alternative

If you are looking for the ultimate alternative to Mailbrew, look no further than Digest. With its robust features and extensive source availability, Digest is the go-to platform for personalized email digests. To top it off, Digest is free, making it accessible to all users.

Currently, Digest boasts over 11 different sources you can add to your personalized newsletter, including: Weather, Google Calendar, X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Product Hunt, Stripe, RSS, and Hacker News.

Features of Digest

  • Supports a wide range of sources that no other service supports (X, TikTok, Instagram)
  • Track RSS feeds and receive updates directly in your email inbox
  • Bundle all your newsletters into a single digest, reducing clutter (coming soon)
  • Access your digests conveniently through the web app or on your phone
  • Subscribe to your favorite newsletters within Digest for seamless management

2) Feedly: Track everything across the web

Feedly is a desktop app and browser extension that allows you to follow your favorite sources of content across various platforms. With Feedly, you can curate your own personalized feed and receive updates from hundreds of sources in one place. If you are seeking a Mailbrew alternative that offers flexibility and customization, Feedly is an excellent choice. In terms of pricing, Feedly starts at $6 per month billed annually.

3) 1Feed: Focus on What Matters

If you find yourself constantly bombarded with irrelevant content, 1Feed offers a quiet place on the internet where you can focus on the people and content that truly matter to you. With 1Feed, you can curate your own personalized feed and enjoy a clutter-free reading experience in their sleek web and mobile app. 1Feed starts at $3.75/mo billed annually, or $4.99/mo billed monthly.

4) Cortado: Improve your information diet

Cortado is a free tool that makes it fast and easy to get daily updates from sources that you care about. Cortado has been around just as long as Mailbrew, and offers the ability to create a personalized newsletter from sources like Reddit, Weather, Hacker News, RSS feeds, and more. This makes it similar to Digest and Mailbrew, however, the interface of Cortado is simple, and requires users to input everything manually rather than providing the ability to streamline the process of adding sources.

5) Taco Digest: Simplest way to follow the Internet

Similar to Digest and Mailbrew, Taco Digest allows users to follow different sources by creating a personalized newsletter. The list of available sources include RSS, Reddit, YouTube, Hacker News, Exchange Rate, and Weather. Taco Digest starts at $6 per month.

6) Feeder: Your favorite content. All in one place

Feeder is an advanced news reader that provides a dashboard with many different data feeds allowing you to get all of your content in one place. With powerful features like filtering, rules, collections, and more, Feeder is a great way to track and manage your data feeds. Feeder is a freemium product, offering a limited free plan, and then paid plans ranging from $8 to $15 per month.

7) Feedrabbit: Follow RSS feeds by email

Feedrabbit is a simple to use tool to get RSS feeds by email. Simply input the URL of an RSS feed, sign up for an account, and it will begin sending you emails containing those RSS feeds. Feedrabbit is as simple as it gets, and offers both a free plan as well as a Premium plan for $25 per year.

8) Briefcake: All your favorite feeds in one daily email

Briefcake is another simple RSS feed reader where you input the URL to a feed or website, and it automatically pulls in the content of that feed for you and sends it to you in a daily email. Briefcake also offers integrations and extensions for chrome and firefox, so you can save articles and websites to Briefcake, and those will appear in your daily email. Similar to Feedrabbit, Briefcake offers both a free plan as well as a Premium plan for $25 per year.

Our top pick: Digest

While there are many Mailbrew alternatives to pick from (including several others not listed here), we think Digest is the best solution based on ease of use, features, and price. Many of the other services listed either cost money, have stopped adding new features or updating existing features, or have bugs and broken features.